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I feel like I want to write a set of tips or things that you can do to help you align your life, however I know we can all do this for ourselves and we, me included, are all really a work in progress. I truly believe that we can all live a life that’s in alignment with our soul and I can only imagine what the world would be like if we were all doing just that! This is my ‘why’ and what drives my soul and makes my heart incredibly full.


So instead of a roadmap of how you do this, as we are all so unique in what drives us and what we need to help in our alignment, I just want to share my experience and hope that by doing so it gets you thinking or sparks that something inside you to want to explore and follow your alignment.  


I used to think I’d get to this magical place and everything would just be magical and if I just read that one book, or did that one course, or sorted out and cleared those particular ‘issues’ all my hard work would pay off and life would be great. Well let me tell you life is great, but it’s everything else in between too. Following our heart, our flow, our alignment, doesn’t mean everything is just magical but it is such a liberating and good place to be.


My alignment takes me out of my comfort zones, makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me fill up with pure excitement and joy and has brought me to my knees many a time. It’s always easy in hindsight to see why things happen as they do, but truly as I walk this human path, I am more at ease, more in awe and more content with who I am and what my heart desires.  By walking this path and following my joy I find the things that keep me in alignment are:


– Turning down the volume in my busy head

Tapping into my wisdom

Acting on my wisdom



Saying NO

Saying YES

Forgetting about TIME as I know it

Following my flow



I regularly work with amazing people to help facilitate my alignment and will continue to do so as I find that invaluable in keeping me on track and it’s why I do what I do, as I love working with people in this way. We are really not meant to do this alone and I get so much from every session I do, I’m so grateful and always in awe at the wisdom that we have and tapping into that is just incredible. You can do this everyday, it’s a choice and it’s yours to choose….choose YOU!   


No one is better than or worse than, that’s just ego, give life a go, experience it…warts and all, be the champion for your heart, do the things we don’t always feel like doing, LOVE, don’t keep the music in you….share what you are here to share, never underestimate your wisdom, the tools and resources you have inside you and learn what is truly in alignment with your soul, not anyone else’s.


You can download my ‘10 Quick Tips to keep you aligned with your Soul’ by clicking the Ipad below:


Big Love,

Jess Owen

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