I love doing little life hacks to make big changes in my existence.

I’ve been playing around with this one for a little while now and I’ve seen so many times over the years that it is actually the little things that are the big things for people in terms of change and how those little changes make the biggest impact on people’s lives.


By changing just one small thing in our lives that we do, we really can create big overall changes that align us with our true essence and way of being.


So what do I mean by Life Hacks?


They are the little modifications or slight changes or swap outs for things you do everyday. They are simple little changes you can make in your everyday routine to create more awareness and presence in your life.


Here are some examples:

– Swapping out your normal breakfast for a healthier alternative.

– Waking up 10 minutes earlier to meditate.

– Listening to a podcast on the way home from work or while cleaning the house.

– Turning on your favourite song and have a dance around the house instead of turning on the TV.

– Sit outside for 5 minutes during your lunch break and soak up some sunshine.

– Put your phone down at lunch, or have a set time in the day that you just don’t pick up your phone.

– Turn off the TV for one night a week.

– Act on your intuition at least one time per day instead of hearing it and ignoring it.

– Take action and say yes to something you know your heart wants but your head would normally get in the way of you giving it to yourself.

– Get clear on your big picture of what excites you and do at least one thing a day that is in alignment with that.


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When you really tune in and LISTEN to your wisdom, it is always clear what your intuitive voice has to say and it’s always trying to guide you to what’s in alignment with your soul. Take the time to tune in and see what your wisdom wants you to change in your weekly routine and commit yourself to doing a little life hack.


Don’t overwhelm yourself, there might be BIG changes that your soul wants you to do, but if you start making small little changes, those small little things start to snowball and you soon you are creating the changes your soul is craving and the life you are wanting.


Have fun doing your little life hacks and I’d love to hear what your favourite ones have been for you and what changes you have seen in your existence. This site is all about YOU, it completely lights me up seeing people see for themselves how amazing they are and empowering themselves to live in alignment on all levels.  


Big Love,


Jess x


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