First of all know what YOUR bliss is.


Bliss can mean so many different things to different people so make sure it’s YOUR bliss you are meeting.


Sometimes life just seems tough and even that word BLISS might trigger something inside you, if it does, explore what it’s triggering.


Bliss can mean enjoying that mouthful of gelato, playing with your kids, kissing your partner, having a win at work, feeling that contentment in your heart and gratitude for the day or moment. It doesn’t have to mean those BIG life moments, it might be in the smallest moments.


I had one the other day as I watching the lightning show in the backyard with my boys…it was utter bliss seeing our little man light up with excitement at nature’s show and my inner child doing the same. The best thing was that I don’t even remember how the rest of that day went, for all I know it could’ve been a rollercoaster of emotions, what I remember from that day was that moment of bliss now etched in my heart.


So meeting bliss where you are is as simple as that, find the little gems and savour the moment and let that etch its way into your heart. The more you capture those moments, like moments on a movie screen, the more those moments become the motion picture of bliss in your life.


“Energy flows where your attention goes”.


So meet bliss where you are. You might be having a tough day or you might be going through your biggest heartache or experiencing big transitions in your life. Find the moment or moments of bliss where you are currently, not where you have been or would like to be. Meet yourself where you are, accept yourself where you are and find your bliss where you are.


Big Love,
Jess x

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