WELCOME TO MY SITE – I am very grateful that your soul led you here!

I know for sure that aligning with what truly lights us up is the secret to REAL happiness.

The thing is most of us have forgotten how to connect with our innate wisdom to do this.

On this site you will find articles and tools to support you to reconnect with your TRUE ESSENCE and access your INTUITION so that you can align your life with your soul.

Are you ready to become an aligned, connected and happy woman?




Hi I’m Jess Owen.

I have a gift of being able to facilitate soul alignment.

This basically means that I help people just like you to become aligned with what your soul truly wants for you in this lifetime.

Through my unique power of connection with your innate self – your higher wisdom – the you in you, I can access the insight, clarity, awareness and steps required so you become connected and aligned with your wisdom, with your heart’s desires and ultimately – what truly lights you up!

This means you can live a life that’s connected, grounded, empowered and aligned with your unique ‘why’.


The why that’s deep inside you, that drives your heart and fuels your mind to live out your soul’s desires and wishes.

Your body is the gateway to accessing the infinite wisdom your soul possesses.


It is here at your soul level that all the clarity exists.

By directly tapping into your soul, it actually means that it is you that is guiding the alignment you require.


I use many tools to tap in on this level and I find muscle testing a great way to connect to your wisdom via your body to help direct, confirm and clarify the insights I receive while working with you.

It’s easy to become disconnected and misaligned to what our soul wants for us.


Through our sessions you will receive guidance from your own wisdom to create the connection, clarity, grounding, empowerment and alignment with your soul that you are seeking.

I am currently offering 1 hour sessions in person on the Sunshine Coast, with the option of online if you would prefer.

If you are feeling the pull to work with me, click below to book in a session at a time that suits you.


Each session is guided by your wisdom, therefore our sessions together will vary each time.

Every session will always include awareness and clarity, providing you with what you are seeking – your wisdom is that clever and amazing that through me, it will share with you all that you need in that particular moment.

I will facilitate the alignment of you with your soul, which basically allows you to receive clarity and awareness on an emotional level, physical level, chemical level or spiritual level – from here I will be guided to exactly what will help you the most.

As I’ve been lucky enough to work as a chiropractor for 20 years, I’ve worked with thousands of people on that level, so often advice will come through regarding your physical body and what it might need.

I use my intuition and knowledge that I have gained working with clients just like you to facilitate the alignment you require.

Sometimes that’s an affirmation, a bush flower essence, a supplement, a referral to a particular type of body work you might need, a meditation process, we might work with your unconscious mind, an awareness might be needed on the patterns or behaviours that might be holding you back – or even a message from your loved one.

There are many things that can come up, but ultimately you are fully supported by the amazing innate wisdom and love that exists in you throughout the session – and our time together is completely guided by that.

After our session you will feel more aligned, awake, aware and connected with you! 

If you have any questions, please CONTACT ME.

I am excited to see what wisdom your soul has to share with you!