I have been seeing Jessica for Chiropractic adjustment sessions for around the last 5 years or so. Instantly I felt relaxed and always enjoyed my time with Jess, even in the early stages of still building our client/practitioner relationship. In the sessions we had together I really liked and appreciated the way Jess’s other skills and abilities always came through. Jess is and has always been much more than a Chiro to me and my family.

Jess has trained in a number of modalities and naturally has a very strong intuitive ability which always makes having a session with her powerful and insightful. I highly recommend working with Jess, and every time I see her – I look forward to working with her.

Fi Hardy

Soul Resonance Coach + Creator of Amara Mists


I find Jess’s holistic approach very enlightening and refreshingly unique. When Jess works with you she marries together various bodywork modalities, providing a supportive and safe space to communicate, inquire, and clarify any mental and/or physical tensions, helping you to access answers that you are searching for within yourself.

I enjoy deeply my sessions with Jess. She helps me to understand more clearly my current state of being, clearing the mind’s chatter, and once again reconnecting to my own intuition and intentions behind my actions.

Being honest with your Inner truth can be confronting, Jess’s soft non judgmental deliverance of what ever messages need to be given to you at the time is heartwarming. Jess is a truly gifted woman and it is to be celebrated that she is using her gifts to help others.

Gemma Louise Petras

We are so grateful and fortunate to have found Jessica at a time when my family & I needed her most.  Not only has she helped my family and I with her Chiropractic expertise, but her unique intuitive qualities have guided us and provided clarity in so many different aspects of our lives.

I love seeing her as she has an amazing gift of knowing exactly what your mind, body or spirit needs, no session is ever the same.

We have found her highly respectful, genuine and supportive and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her. Thank you Jess for always been there when we needed you x

Nicola Chaffey

Bowen Therapist


Jessica is an incredibly gifted practitioner who has looked after my health and my family’s health for years.

If I need clarity in Life or help with pain, fatigue, emotional and mental issues, Jessica is the person I go to.

Connie Page

Medical Herbalist + Kinesiologist + Aromatic Medicine Practitioner